Ever since my ski season to Banff in the early 2010's, I knew that I wanted to see more of the world. Fast forward to 2023, a decade long career in photography and a global pandemic at our backs, I knew it was time to set off again. Hitting the road in early March, aiming for continental Europe, I embarked upon a 2 month road trip taking me through France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Holland and England. All the while travelling in my 30 year old VW T4 camper I've been slowly converting myself the last few years.


This was the biggest part of the trip, spending 30 of my 60 days on the road slowly meandering the coasts and mountains. The waves, wow. I surfed my absolute brains out, scoring memorable waves day after day, sharing them with like minded folks who were travelling from all corners of the world. A special place with a unique attitude to life and somewhere I've promised to return to one day. 

Sunset over the mountains in North Portugal

Tom in The Netherlands

Tom's a buddy of mine who I know through the motorcycling world. He's moved from leafy Guildford to near Gouda in Holland with his girlfriend, Malou, to see what life is like in the flattest country on earth. Seems to be suiting him well as his photography is going from strength to strength. 

Tulip fields in Holland

Along the way I met plenty of fantastic people, watched countless sunsets and even a few sunrises. The experiences on this trip are some that I'll never forget and helped me to find a deeper understanding and passion for my craft. 

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