Shred & Butta

I’ve been working with these boys for years and it’s great to see the business evolve and how beautifully they transform such cool vehicles. 

Portland Excursion

A great weekend climbing with Kim & Daisy. So much fun and great to get pictures on the wall. I haven’t climbed in such a long time, especially outside, and it’s great to get back to it and get stoked again. Check out more images from this weekend HERE!

Newton Ferrers

An idillic village in South Devon. We’ve holidayed here as a family a couple of times and the change of pace is a delight. So are the pasties!

Al Moody signs for Dream Cymbals

So excited for my mate Alex as he’s signed a pro deal for Dream Cymbals. Going to the factory on the day he collected his cymbals was fascinating. Having played Dream for a couple of years, I couldn’t resist picking up a couple for myself! 

fika, Fabich and Bambi Thug

This session will go down in the memory banks as a real “pinch me” moment. Seeing musicians pursuing the best versions of themselves was truly special and I can’t wait for you to hear what they recorded. Absolute fire. Thank you to my brothers Sam and Al of fika for involving me since day one, exciting times ahead boys! 

Charlotte Holmes

I can’t believe it took us so many years to finally hang out and take pictures together. Charlotte is a yogi, loves the ocean and also has family ties to Mauritius. 


A surf trip with so many incredible moments, it’s on adventures like this where I’m so grateful to be a photographer. My eyes light up on every turn, encouraging my creativity to find new boundaries. Travel has been part of my work since day one and this trip solidified it as a permanent fixture from now on. There’s a certain buzz I can’t describe about photographing somewhere new and having some great friends along for the ride makes it all the sweeter. Full set of images HERE

When Justin came to visit

Justin and I met in 2011 on our first winter season in Banff, Canada. We’ve stayed in touch over the years and I’ve gone back to Banff many times since, but 8 years after we first met, it was such a joy for him to finally grace British shores and see where I grew up. Long time followers of mine might recognise the snowboarding image of Justin below from all those years ago! See you again soon, old friend. Images shot on my Rolleicord with Portra 400

Autumn walks with Cara

Cara is great up and coming fashion photographer and I feel privileged to be mentoring her a little. Although I feel student will overtake teacher in no time at all! We went for a walk here in Surrey with our film cameras. Check out Cara’s work HERE

Wisley Gardens with Mum

The gardens at RHS Wisley are so beautiful and it’s one of my Mum’s favourite places to go. We soaked up the September sun, talked about future travel plans and pointed out which plants we’d like for the garden. Perfect day for using my Rolleicord

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