Duet Cycling

My lovely friends, brother and sister Laurie & Francie Arthur are going into business together, coaching mountain biking to people of all levels. These two legends are such a joy to be around and really embody what it means to love the outdoors and make the most of it. All the best you two!  

The end of autumn colours

19th November, Henry Crew and I went and played on a few woodland trails near his home in Hampshire, only days before winter really took over and any beautiful autumn colours receded into hibernation. 

Shred & Butta

I’ve been working with these boys for years and it’s great to see the business evolve and how beautifully they transform such cool vehicles. 

Portland Excursion

A great weekend climbing with Kim & Daisy. So much fun and great to get pictures on the wall. I haven’t climbed in such a long time, especially outside, and it’s great to get back to it and get stoked again. Check out more images from this weekend HERE!

Newton Ferrers

An idillic village in South Devon. We’ve holidayed here as a family a couple of times and the change of pace is a delight. So are the pasties!

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