I absolutely loved filming this piece. Both Jake and Natasha were such stars and really made my idea come to life. Put your headphones in, black out the city noise and lose yourself in the music. MOVE


The trip of a lifetime. I’d never had the chance to explore the French mountains like this, nor had I ridden my bike outside of Surrey. This really was an incredible experience and I can’t wait to explore more on two wheels


The girl with all the curls. Little Riley and Her parents Lee & Wendy are such a lovely family that I’ve known a long time. We made the most of a sunny day and spent an afternoon in their garden and Wendy, a jeweller by trade, made Riley her first ring.

Snow at Home

It doesn’t often snow in the Surrey hills, less and less every year it seems. So when it does, you just have to get out there and make the most of it! 

VO5 #DiscoverYourStyle

This summer has been epic, certainly the busiest I’ve ever been but also the happiest. Work is going well and I’m having a lot of fun with camera in hand. Very grateful to have worked for VO5 on their #DiscoverYourStyle campaign with some great musicians: 

John Newman, Katy B, Vanessa White, Yungen and The Beach. 

Great crew and good times. 

John Newman

Katy B

Vanessa White


The Beach

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