Chris Pulman - Welcome back to Heroin Skateboards

Chris is a friend and skateboarder, growing up in Wales and making a life for himself here in the South East of England. After a few years of running his own skateboard company, Descent, Chris has come home to Heroin Skateboards and this is his new pro model. I’m so proud of Chris and thrilled to be part of this story. 


Sammy bought a new bike, a Suzuki SV1000. It makes lots of noise, goes scary fast, and makes you feel like you’re racing the Isle Of Man TT

Dan Burns Dance

I bumped into Dan at a slightly-too-wet-to-skate skatepark in Surrey, got chatting, and just like that the camera was out and we made some magic. I love a chance encounter with creative souls and I’m so stoked on the video and images we made together. Thanks Dan!

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