Kirby and I first shot pictures together early last year and it was fantastic to link up again recently for a day at the Germaine Walker studio to shoot some new stuff. I had a couple of ideas I wanted to try out and Kirby was the perfect compliment. A real bundle of joy and a pleasure to be around. Check out her blog here: TIGERESS LIFESTYLE

Katie & Alex’s Wedding

Katie has always been the little sister I never had. A sweet, caring, kind girl with a heart of gold. She and Alex were joined holy matrimony at the most heart warming wedding I’ve ever attended. A truly special day indeed. I managed to get a couple of snaps along the way, I couldn’t resist! 


For one week a year, my family and I escape to a quiet corner of the british countryside for a bit of R&R. Armed with a 1960’s Rolleicord, we explored the surrounding area by foot, bike & boat, making the most of a week away.

Jess Clark

Jess and I finally met up to shoot together after months of talking about it, so good hanging out with a like minded adventure seeker in her London apartment. 


I absolutely loved filming this piece. Both Jake and Natasha were such stars and really made my idea come to life. Put your headphones in, black out the city noise and lose yourself in the music. MOVE


The trip of a lifetime. I’d never had the chance to explore the French mountains like this, nor had I ridden my bike outside of Surrey. This really was an incredible experience and I can’t wait to explore more on two wheels


The girl with all the curls. Little Riley and Her parents Lee & Wendy are such a lovely family that I’ve known a long time. We made the most of a sunny day and spent an afternoon in their garden and Wendy, a jeweller by trade, made Riley her first ring.

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