Morgan and Woody

I hadn’t seen Morgan for months and to finally see her and meet baby Woody for the first time was a joy! She’s going to be a fantastic Mum and Woody could no doubt be a brilliant producer and agent one day too 

Springs Hangout

I help on the student pastoral team at church and those of us on team spent a lovely day together at Springs this weekend. We sat around the camp fire, ate pizza, fixed a gazebo and jumped in the spring! 

Als Drums School

I’ve been drumming for over 20 years, so when my buddy Al asked me to help shoot images for his drum school I had to say yes! It’d days like these when my passions overlap where I feel so alive and in the moment. 

Coming Soon

I’ve got back from an incredible few days in Cornwall. These pictures are some of my favourites from the last 5 years and I can’t wait to share them with you soon! 

Fika Sessions

A few epic days in the studio with Fika, Cam Stefan and Jackson. These boys are legends and their music is unreeeeeal. I’m even going to feature on an upcoming track playing drums for Cam! 

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