I spent a day with Laurie and Francie Arthur, photographing them riding in their back garden for Morvelo. Such great vibes and their style made them a breeze to photograph!

The Stevens Farm

 A real eye-opening day at Emily’s family farm. It’s lambing season right now and it was fascinating to see the whole process first hand. Michael, the lamb seen by the Aga, is being hand-reared in the house after being abandoned by his mother. 

Peak District

All 9 of the twenty-somethings in our family met up for a long weekend in the Peak District and it did not disappoint! The landscape, the climbing, the good times, were all brilliant. I can see myself living there one day. So hard to pick just a couple of images to show it off! 


Popped in to Talitha’s barbers and tattoo shop The Blackhouse Club in Brighton the other day, great to see her business thriving.

Brighton Fireworks

Katie and Alex moved into their new flat in Brighton recently so Tom and I joined them for a lovely dinner and fireworks display. Two fireworks displays in two days was awesome!

Smiling Scientists

Joe, Lee & Matt have been conducting a fascinating study into the effects of concurrent weight training on endurance cyclists. It’s something I’m really proud to have been a part of and despite the bi-weekly training torture fest and multiple muscle biopsies I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and gained a lot of knowledge from these guys. As the study and their PhD’s draws to a close it’s time to part ways for now. Thanks for getting me and the other guys through this study! 

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